Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III
Sat 24 Sep 2011 @ NUS LT27, 8am-6pm

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Timings of the videos for specific talks indicated below. Some presentations represent a pair or group; the speaker is the first name listed.

Welcome & Overview

8.30am – 9.15am

  • Welcome address
    Symposium Co-organiser, N. Sivasothi.
    Part 1 (1:24 to 11:21)
  • Opening address
    Guest of Honour, MOS BG (Res) Tan Chuan-Jin
    Part 1 (11:40 to 20:40 impromptu; 20:40 to 32:40 formal)
  • Presentation of Symposium Awards
    To ICCS Recipients & Ria Tan.
    Part 1 (33:15 to 48:00)

I – Community Impressions

10.15am – 11.00am
Zeehan Jaafar, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)

  • Terrestrial issues in Singapore:
    perspectives from the natural history community

    N. Sivasothi, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 2 (0:50 to 11:00)
  • What’s going on with freshwater biodiversity in Singapore?
    Darren Yeo, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 2 (11:50 to 23:58)
  • Making a difference for Singapore’s marine biodiversity
    Ria Tan, WildSingapore
    Part 2 (24:48 to 36:05)
  • Q & A
    Part 2 (0:36:42 to 0:54:54)

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II – Forests Session

11.00am – 12.30pm
Lim Cheng Puay, Raffles Girls School absent with apologies (ill) &
Yong Ding Li, South-east Asian Biodiversity Society, Nature Society (Singapore) &
National Junior College

  • Who will cross the highway? Monitoring surveys for the Ecolink
    Delfinn Sweimay Tan & Tan Yeng Kheng, NParks (Central Nature Reserve)
    Part 2 (0:58:00 to 1:07:00)
  • Nature rocks, Let’s G.O. (go outside)!
    Karen Teo, NParks (Central Nature Reserve)
    Part 2 (1:07:53 to 1:19:10
  • Why would anybody want to be a botanist in Singapore?
    Chong Kwek Yan & the Plant Systematics Lab., NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 2 (1:19:52 to 1:30:26)
  • The new, the warm and the furry:
    undergraduate zoological explorations in Singapore

    Marcus Chua, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 2 (1:31:18 to 1:44:45)
  • Kena rotan – a botanist gets whipped in the forest
    Adrian Loo, Raffles Institution
    Part 2 (1:59:00 to 2:20:10)

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III – Special Updates

1.00pm – 1.30pm
N. Sivasothi, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)

  • Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and
    the fate of Apollo, Prince and Twinky

    Tan Swee Hee, NUS (Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research)
    Part 3 (01:30 to 15:43)
  • The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)
    Linda Goh, NParks (National Biodiversity Centre)
    Part 3 (16:28 to 24:27)

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IV – Freshwater Session

1.30pm – 2.50pm
Maxine Mowe, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences) &
Adam Quek, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)

  • Minimising urbanisation impact on waterways –
    the use of Water Sensitive Urban Design and freshwater ecological guidelines

    Benjamin Loh, Tan Puay Yok & James Wang-Wei, NParks (CUGE Research)
    Part 3 (0:26:42 to 0:37:55)
  • The Story of the Freshwater Phytoplankton Guidebook
    Wong Yueat Tin, PUB (Technology & Water Quality Office)
    Part 3 (0:38:24 to 0:49:50)
  • ‘Bugs in my soup’ –
    freshwater macroinvertebrate biodiversity,
    a powerful tool for environmental and conservation management

    Chong Jun Hien & Esther Clews, NUS (Tropical Marine Science Institute)
    Part 3 (0:50:15 to 1:02:17)
  • Alien aquatics in Singapore – friend or foe?
    Tan Heok Hui, NUS (Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 3 (1:03:10 to 1:14:15)
  • Q & A
    Part 3 (1:15:20 to 1:38:52)

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V – Marine Session

3.50pm – 5.30pm
Alison Wee, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences) &
Nanthini Elamgovan, NParks

  • Getting muddy for nature –
    documenting Singapore’s marine biodiversity with community help

    Jonathan Ngiam & Linda Goh, NParks (National Biodiversity Centre)
    Part 4 (0:02:18 to 0:11:50)
  • PROJECT SEMAKAU—Connecting Conservation and the Community
    Soo Wai Kit & Wang Luan Keng,
    NUS (Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 4 (0:12:47 to 0:24:10)
  • Singapore’s coral reef heritage –
    ongoing efforts to document and understand a diverse ecosystem

    Karenne Tun, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 4 (0:25:12 to 0:37:56)
  • Zoning out and zoning in –
    the SBWR action plan to integrate needs and protect wildlife

    Ang Hui Ping
    Part 4 (0:38:48 to 0:50:13)
  • Battling extinction: the horseshoe crabs of Kranji mudflats
    J. Vanitha & Hsu Chia Chi, Nature Society (Singapore)
    Part 4 (0:51:00 to 1:02:28)
  • Mandai mangrove: a living laboratory, but for how long?
    Dan Friess, Edward Webb, Wee Kim Shan & Lee Wei Kit, NUS (Dept. Biological Sciences)
    Part 4 (1:03:16 to 1:13:35)
  • Q & A
    Part 4 (1:14:15 to 1:34:40)

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